Best Mortgage Rates For Contractor Mortgages UK

The need for specialist brokers to help today’s independent professional secure mortgages is growing. But those methods ignore key elements that make contracting worthwhile. Instead, these lenders use net salary and drawings to work out how much a contractor can borrow.

His direct negotiation with many lenders has helped establish and promote contract-based underwriting. Yes, this recognition marked a milestone in how far bespoke mortgages for contractors have come. We are a specialist broker that helps contractors and freelancers get mortgages quickly and hassle-free. The way we work and how we get paid by companies changes on a regular basis.

All of these pose their own issues and must be handled in a very specific way. Quite often, when a lender changes their criteria on something as big as this, they will usually dip their toe in the water so to speak because they don’t want to be bombarded with applications that they can’t cope with and have limited experience with handling.

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