One of the most traditional roles or trades in the construction industry is carpentry. This list not only shows you the tools that you need but also provides a brief description of these tools that carpenters use daily. The irreplaceable always reliable tool that offers many variations but all serve a common purpose.

Always handy and useful, all carpenters use a tape measure even for the smallest work. Another vital and important tool for carpenters is the claw hammer. The sledgehammer is another type of “hammer” that can fit into this category. A good chisel made of alloyed steel is needed to complete clean cuts.

A saw horse or workbench is a very practical and convenient tool. If you are woodworking, you will definitely need a nail gun. They did the job quickly and beautifully, and left the perimeter of my house cleaner than it was when they got there. If you’re starting or running a business with someone else, you need some kind of agreement in writing. For many small businesses, outsourcing to independent contractors is a great way to get some added help, fill a specific need or bring in specific expertise. Play it from front to back no skipping on this album! It’s life-affirming to have a best friend to help pull you up but never put you down. The best planning and preparation are for naught if we don’t execute the plan. Keep a final thought in mind as you review and employ the three points presented in this newsletter. Some may disagree that this vehicle is the best for saving your money for early retirement.

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