Learning is a vital part of the conference and we offer a wide range of programs that feature industry leading speakers, fresh ideas and continuous inspiration to grow and build your business. Without the support from others, it is difficult to rise to greatness. Once a contractor passes the initial application process and meets those requirements, he can take the two certification exams.

Contractors must take the steps to keep their certifications current by renewing every two years. We promote masonry as a preferred construction method; and strive to develop continuing knowledge, education and experience within our community and with our members. Texas pipelines are an essential component of the modern infrastructure that improves the quality of our lives and strength of our economy. Fundraisers and events help us raise awareness and generate crucial resources to serve our community.

Construction is an industry of opportunity, where every worker can advance through skill, determination and commitment.

Roofers Assoc. Wants To Kill House Roofing Bill From Nbcdfw.Com

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